The second Dwarven Spiral in Zant and Morgendash’s closest ally. Home to many staunch traditionalists, the Dominion here has heavy military presence, primarily concentrated in the cities Diamond District.

Population: 127, 305 permanent residents
Government: Council of Lairds, made up of representatives of the most powerful and influential houses, with King Skalf Kimril at it’s head
Primary Industry: Iron mining and smithing

And the Earth tried to spit her out

In the shade of the Wyrmsmoke mountains, an impossibly huge stone structure juts from the earth. From a distance, this structure resembles the head of a gargantuan screw. In fact this is the Dwarven Spiral of Olgendurn. Nearly 600 years ago, a severe earth quake caused the entire city to shift 100 feet upward, jutting out of the ground itself. Not long after the quake reaped untold damage to the city, a massive wave struck the city, drowning survivors in the lower city, where the Dwarven nobility dwelt. Thrown into chaos, the remaining dwarves contemplated abandoning the city. A minor house of stone-cutters known as the Kimrils refused to leave their home though, and rallied the citizenry to repair their broken city. When time came to re-establish a government, the Kimrils led the charge, and were ultimately declared to be the new royal family. To the high houses of Olgendurn, the Kimrils are looked upon as saviors of the city, but there are those who would say they were simply shrewd and cunning opportunists.

The two spirals of Zant

Morgendash and Olgendurn have long been the closest allies amongst the Dwarven Spirals. After the Breaking of Morgendash, Olgendurn as a popular destination for those who needed to leave Morgendash in a hurry.

Olgendurn Locations


A Street Grill owned and operated by Rugal Klinkhammer.

The Testaments

The district that was hit worst by the tsunami 600 years ago. Around 10, 000 souls returned to the stone that day. Most dwarves in Olgendurn consider the district to be haunted, and there is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that’s the case. As such, the District sat largely empty for centuries, until the massive influx of Morgendash refugees forced the cobwebbed doors open.

The Diamond Distict

The district of the city closest to the surface. Jewelers and luxury goods are abundant here.

Notable Olgendurners

King Skalf Kimril: Now in the 204th year of his reign, Skalf Kimril has been a savvy and cutthroat king


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