The Warlords of Zant

Monster Hunter

The gang pursues Karks contract on a Hippogriff infesting the lands of Hilda Foxtree. Chasing the hippogriff into an unusual ancient ruin, Vimak and Clive realize that beast comes from the same circus that held them prisoner in their youth, Cirque Maximus. Vimak struggles with the decision of whether or not to slay the hippogriff, but unfortunately the beast is felled by a nervous goblin archer. Fighting their way out of the ancient ruin, they return the beasts corpse to their mysterious benefactor, who turns out to be the Lord of Gottzenberg, Emile Albrecht. He invites them to a ball he is throwing the next night.

The following morning the town is abuzz as party attendees pour in from across Eastern Khalin. Unsure of whether or not they should be attending this ball, the party is approached by Armin Hammer, one of the Taklinn’s competitors. He asks for their help dealing with some manner of creature on his land. A chat with a fast talking mouse reveals that it is in fact two beasts, the Ankheg and a Dragon. The party hatches a plan to set the Ankheg on the dragon, and descends into the nearby gold mine to set their plan into motion. One tense fight later, they emerge from the mine considerably scathed.

Upon returning to Hammers base camp, they encounter Anmiris mysterious patron. She claims that the various planes of existence are imminently about to collide with one another, and she has made the party her agents in hopes that they could build a world capable of surviving such an event.

Taklinn, Tollub, and Anmiris return to Klinkhammer and Co. to find a mysterious white clad thief digging through Taklinns office. The thief assaults Anmiris and quickly vacates the premises.

Realizing that the thief has made off with his ledger, Taklinn concludes there is no point pursuing the thief at this point. The gang decides to attend the ball,

After meeting some of Khalin’s most important movers and shakers, The Klinkhammer brothers thwart an assassination attempt on Veridius Elhiz, before the Ball is assaulted by a platoon of Hobgoblins carrying heraldry of the Kingdom of Sjoden


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